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our passion to create is our success

In a nutshell, within the span of 5 years, 3 popular places – Canada, Dubai and Sri Lanka have experienced our services. Now, we are renowned as one of the best first-line cake makers in Sri Lanka. Also in regard to the classes, we are very popular in teaching new mechanisms on cake crafting skills and also for introducing user-friendly pastes to the cake market in order to make beautiful, edible flowers.

My Story

Sherin Farman

Passion that lead to Success!

Dec-O-Cake was established in 2012 by Sherin Farman after her early passion for confectionary art became her choice of career.

Having kicked off solo where she mastered in creating and conceptualizing unique ‘pieces of art’, she was later joined by long standing friend Ayesha Zaneer, also an amazing baker and now the Head Baker at Dec-O-Cake.

Dec-O-Cake is a household name in Canada, Dubai and Sri Lanka, much to having created beautiful, elegant and breathtaking cakes, cookies, cupcakes and all known sweet table goodies.

Dec-O-Cake’s goal is to work collaboratively with its clients whilst designing the ‘perfect’ cake for any occasions.

The establishment uses nothing but the freshest and highest quality ingredient to ensure cakes leaving its doors not only look good, but also tastes just as delicious.

“We hope our cakes inspire you and we look forward in creating you something beautiful!”

Our Values

  • Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients
  • Value for Money
  • Inspire People with Our Cakes
  • Innovation


  • Wilton, PME Sugar Craft
  • Prima Baking School
  • Bonnie Gordon Collage of Confectionery Art

I work with you to create a cake, to turn your dream into a reality

Fueled by our love for creativity and great taste, we know we can satisfy our customers most minute requirements.

Sherin’s attention to detail is matched by no other and the result- flawless creations of art!
As planners it is of utmost importance that we deliver perfection to our clients and she always helps us deliver!

The Party Hostess

Dec-o-cake has been part of many many parties and events conceptualised by Impressions during the last 2.5 years. The absolutely impeccable attention-to-detail and high standards of knowledge and skill in the art of cake making & baking has always being their forte. It is truly a pleasant experience to work with Sherin and Aysha, to come up with novel ideas for cakes and desserts for theme parties, instead of internet copies. It is a lovely feeling, to ask this dynamic duo to try a new type of dessert for a candy buffet or a new technique for a cake, and wait for the end product only to be completely ”wow”ed and never disappointed.

Sri Lanka has been blessed to have such talent in the island and
I wholeheartedly wish these beautiful ladies absolutely all the success in all their ventures.

Raidha Raleen Mulafer

Founder/ Chief Stylist , Impressions

Inspire People with our Cakes

Value for Money


Fresh, High Quality Ingredients

Our Cakes

Bespoke Designs to Suit Your Requirement

Provide an explosion of textures and flavors that virtually melts in your mouth and leaves you craving for a truly delectable experience for your taste buds. We have a great choice of customized cakes, made to suit your own occasion. Name it and will make your cake dreams comes true. Fun, crazy, sexy whatever you have in mind we can create a home based cake that’s all about flavor, design and deliciousness….

Come join the adventure in your mouth and see what we have to offer!!









A big thank you goes to Sherin and the team who conducted the recent pure flexi paste sugar flower class. I am very glad that I was in Sri Lanka at the time to attend the class. Loved making the flower bouquet from this amazing pure flexi paste. The flowers looked so natural that it was hard to imagine they were made out of sugar paste. Both Sherin and Ayesha were very patient in teaching and were kind enough to share the tiniest details in making the flowers. All in all it was a pleasure working with Sherin and the team and all those friendly girls who attended the class.

In another note I would also like to thank Sherin for the cake and sweets she made for my daughter’s first birthday. I ordered it based on the reviews and I did not go wrong. The cake was simply amazing!! It was not only very neat and beautifully decorated but also tasted delicious. So I would highly recommend Dec-O-Cake to anyone who’s looking to get a beautiful and a delicious a cake. I wish all the very best to Sherin and the team. Keep up the good work!

Ashanthi Perera


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